Tattoo and Permanent make-up removal with laser.

With our Electro-Optic Quality Switched solid state Nd: YAG Laser. Available for fading old tattoo (from 1 to 3 sessions) – for best results on cover up projects, or complete removal (from 3 to 10+ sessions).

£25 – small
(up to 5 x 5cm)

£45 – large
(up to 20 x 20cm)

Very large areas will be divided
into smaller sections
for best result.

Initial consultations are free. When you come for your consultation, we will measure your tattoo, carry out a skin assessment, and let you know how much each treatment will cost.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this procedure, it is impossible to predict exactly how many treatments it will take for complete results. It could take as little as 3 treatments for an amateur tattoo or as many as 10 treatments for a professionally applied tattoo. How quickly your ink fades will depend on several factors, such as the colours of your tattoo, the type of ink used and how your body responds to the treatment.

Your body needs time to break down the tattoo ink pigments after each laser treatment. This is a slow process, therefore you will typically schedule each treatment a minimum of 6-8 weeks apart. However we recommend 8 weeks, more time you allow between treatments better results you will achieve.

Your skin will most likely be red and feel like it has mild sunburn. This typically goes away after a couple of hours. There may also be some bruising. At times and with certain inks, there may be mild blistering that usually heals in about a week. After each treatment you will be given detailed instructions on how to care for your treated area.

The type of laser used leaves virtually no scars, however, in rare cases, those with scarring disorders, such as keloids, have an increased risk of forming a scar.

All Treatments are performed by fully qualified technician at Dark Rose Tattoo

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  1. Hello
    Im.wondering about laser tatto removal
    I would like to remove my tatto on neck. When is available to book an appointment
    .does it normally leave scars??? thank you