Body Piercing

Most of basic body piercing cost is £20 per one and £35 for pair (ear, face, body). Except of:

Daith with heart £30

Dermal anchor/Microdelmal is £30 for one and £50 for pair.

Surface £30

Nipple £30 or pair £50

Scaffold/Industrial bar £35

We don’t do genital piercings!

We use sterile titanium jewelry for piercings, but if you would like to get pierced with your gold or silver piece we can do it for you as long you allow us to run autoclave sterilization process on your jewelry it will take 50 minutes.

We sell Tattoo goo piercing aftercare for £5, Tattoo Goo® Xpressions Liquid Swabs are single use swabs for piercing aftercare. They have an easy snap tip which allows the formula inside to flow to the opposite end to be administered to the applicable area. They are easy to use and make no mess and you don’t even have to touch the area with your hands meaning hygiene levels are maintained. The swabs contain powerful anti-microbial and anti-bacterial and do not contain any alcohol or sodium. The swabs have been dermatologically tested and can be applied directly to the skin and are suitable for both oral and dermal piercings.

NHS advice on piercing – ready it! aftercare info and problem solving on granulomas etc.