Laser Tattoo Removal

 L   (light)
 A   (amplification by)
 S   (stimulated)
 E   (emission of)
 R   (radiation)


Tattoo Removal?

Yes, but not just any laser of course. Selective photothermolysis (ability to selectively remove target structures without disrupting the surrounding skin), with our Nano second duration, Electro-Optic Quality Switched solid state Nd: YAG Laser. Gold standard for safe and effective tattoo removal.

Available for fading old tattoo (from 1 to 3 sessions) – for best results on cover up projects, or complete removal (from 3 to 10+ sessions).

£25 – small(up to 5 x 5cm) and

£45 – large(up to 20 x 20cm)