Laser Hair Removal

Selective photothermolysis with our new 808nm Diode laser.

Effective and safe treatment for permanent hair removal. Maintenance sessions every few years may be required.

Laser hair removal will only work on hair actively growing. So we recommend 4-6 treatments to effective treatment. We will get about 80% of the actively growing hairs. You would return every 4-6 weeks depending on the area to treat the new active growth.

It is recommended that you avoid shaving the area you have treated for the first few days after treatment. This allows the area to heal better and helps to stop inflicting the area with anymore trauma. After around four days you can start shaving any hair, which re-grows. You should not pluck or wax the unwanted hair between treatments.

Before your treatment close shave is required.
Avoid removing hair by the roots (tweezing, waxing, etc) and sunbathing for at least 6 weeks prior to your treatment.

Hair Reduction Pricing:

Legs (full) – £70
Torso (full) – £60
Back (full) – £60
Chest – £40
Half leg – £40
Face – £30
Underarms – £30
Upper lip – £20

*prices per 1 session
recommended 6 session course one a month

All Treatments are performed by fully qualified technician at Dark Rose Tattoo.