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Just so you know, for custom design Tattoos and any cosmetic tattoo (PMU, scalp pigmentation) we accept appointments only! All require £40 deposit per each booking (DEPOSIT IS NON REFUNDABLE IF CANCELLED AFTER 48h, PRIOR APPOINTMENT, please expect some waiting list).

Laser treatments and piercing walk-ins are available Tuesday-Saturday.

Studio address: Dark Rose Tattoo, 166 Birmingham road, Oldbury, B69 4EH

Google maps: Dark Rose Tattoo Birmingham
Facebook: darkrosetattoo.birmingham
Instagram: darkrosetattoo
Tel: (+44)07908114313 .

Public Transport by bus: use bus number 87 or 21
Public Transport by train:  nearest station ‘Smethwick Galton Bridge’
Car parking: available on street or by The British Queen pub on Popes lane or Blakeley Hall Rd.

Justyna Kurzelowska tattoo artist owner of Dark Rose Tattoo Birmingham





Justyna Kurzelowska
Owner/Head Artist

22 thoughts on “Contact and Booking

  1. Hi. Ive seen a star wars cover up you have done of kylo ren and would like a simular design done. How do i go about booking with you?



  2. I am thinking of getting a word tattoo down the centre of my back that reads ‘everything will be ok in the end. If its not ok, its not the end’ and wondered what a rough price would be for this? I love your work and was recommended to you by a lady i saw who had some amazing work done by you.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Justyna,
    Just wondering if I could come round sometime in the week to show you a design I have and see if you’d be willing to do it and how much you’d charge for it, also I was hoping you might have a job vacancy? Not necessarily tattooing but if you could use help around the shop or things I’m really hoping to get a career in tattooing and think just being around talented artists could help me progress on that track.
    Thanks, Luke

  4. Just wondering if you do small designs to fit on side of hand? I`m thinking of having the words `Everything I do…….I do it for you` and a small heart/fairy/rose/fuschia. Do you do designs small enough to fit on the side of the hand? Thankyou.

  5. hey, i was wondering if you had an email i could reach you on so i could send you a sample of what i wanted and tell me if you can do it? Also discuss how much the work would cost! Thanks man!

  6. Could you let me know how much to do a lip liner and also fill in pink lip liner. Also the eye liner for black. Many thanks

    • Morning
      I am looking to get a tattoo done early part of next week, do you have any availability Monday or tuesday? Looking at a tribal design, been told by other artists it will take 3 to 4 hours. Also how much per hour ? Thanks Steve

  7. hi im trying to find a tatoo artist in Birmingham who specialise in portrait tattoo s! your work looks great. I am trying to book partner one for a 40th birthday present! any ideas on wait an prices just roughly what they start from ! thanks Donna

  8. Hi!
    Do you do piercings? And is there an age restriction on having your top ear pierced? Do you use a gun or a needle? I am asking for my daughter.
    Lis Morgan.

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