Dark Rose Tattoo

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am until our last appointment* (usually around 4pm).

We accept appointments only to book in message or email us.


Meet The Team

Justyna Kurzelowska (Tattoo and PMU Artist @ Dark Rose Tattoo) and Marek Kurzelowski (Laser Specialist and Body Piercer @ Dark Rose Tattoo)

Tattoo Art Gallery

All tattoos done by Justyna Kurzelowska (tattoo and permanent makeup artist, founder of Dark Rose Tattoo BIRMINGHAM UK) at her studio, Dark Rose Tattoo.

Justyna creates tattoos of any complexity including portraits and realism, she’s able to compose wonderful surreal tattoos.

Justyna always make every effort to create unique and personal composition.
That’s why she design and draw on the day with you based on your ideas as part of tattooing session.

Justyna also specialize in cosmetic tattooing, performing permanent makeup, scalp pigmentation, nipple pigmentation, scars cover-ups .

Justyna accepts appointments only, book in via email studio@darkrosetattoo.co.uk

For more info please call in for free quick consultation at studio during our opening hours.

We charge per hour of tattooing £90

Laser Tattoo Removal

Safe and affordable laser tattoo removal at Dark Rose Tattoo. With our new picosecond laser and new skin cooling system (to reduce pain during treatment). Available for gradual fading of your old tattoos and semi permanent makeup (several session required usually from 1 to 4 sessions), recommended for best results on cover up projects. Or for complete removal (from 5 to 12+ sessions). 6-8 weeks intervals between treatments are required.

Cost per session depends on size: £30 – small(up to 5 x 5cm) and  £60 – large(up to 20 x 20cm) . Larger areas will be divided into sections. Eyebrows removal cost £45 per session.

Before your first treatment remember to stop using tanning cosmetics and sun bed (we can’t work with fresh tan or fake tan). It’s very important to keep your skin clean and well hydrated (daily moisturisers and drink water)

Book your free consultation via email studio@darkrosetattoo.co.uk

Please bear in mind that during the removal process, the laser will heat up ink particles in your skin, which can cause tiny blood vessels to break around the tattoo. As a result, superficial blisters containing water and ink may appear. In fact, blisters are quite normal and an indication that the healing process has begun. Blistering is a fairly common side effect of laser tattoo removal, but these blisters will usually heal within 2 weeks. Following your aftercare instructions and resisting the urge to pop or pick at any blisters you develop can lead to faster healing and lower your risk of complications. Alongside normal aftercare we recommend using savlon advanced healing gel.

Please see our Instagram @darkrosetattoo for more photos and videos.

Body Piercing

Most of basic body piercing cost is £20 per one (ear, face, body). Except of:

Daith £30

Dermal anchor/Microdelmal is £30

Surface £30

Nipple £30 or pair £50

Scaffold/Industrial bar £35

Surface bar £30

Vertical labret (lip) £30

Smiley £30

We don’t do genital piercings!

We use sterile titanium jewelry for piercings, but if you would like to get pierced with your gold or silver piece we can do it for you as long you allow us to run autoclave sterilization process on your jewelry it will take 25 minutes.

NHS advice on piercing – ready it! aftercare info and problem solving on granuloma etc.